Monday, August 18, 2008

The Caterpillar Ad

When I saw this Ad in the Business World, I was thinking why Caterpillar is promoting their fuel efficient genset using the image of a smiling man! May be they are focusing more on reliability than efficiency. That's why they used this confident looking man, with a lot of promise of deliverance!

Ad Ref. Business World,4th August,2008 page-33

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Age and experience disconnect

It's a peculiar experience to study with batch mates who are quite a few years junior to us both in age and in work-experience. And it seems more absurd when the younger lot do not harbour respect for us either in terms use of language (and body language) or in terms of showing appropriate attitude. I felt this within a couple of weeks of entering into IIM Calcutta as a full time PGP student after working for four years in the software industry. Sometimes it seems to me a bit offensive. I know one of my friends here with identical background as mine, facing similar issues. There are few students with as many as 10 to 11 years of work-experience. I don't know, though, whether they are encountering similar peculiarities. Or we may be 'recognition' seeker (to apply the newly learnt OB funda!) and have a different set of expectations. It would be wrong to put all the juniors in the same basket. There are some junior batch mates who genuinely respects us and try to learn from our experiences.
In whichever side the source of the disconnect lies, this is a sophisticated issue and in my opinion, the younger fellows should be little sensitive while addressing their senior batch mates.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Opening Note

Hi Dear Reader,

Only three days are left to leave for IIM Calcutta campus for my MBA! We (I mean the MBA aspirants!) all have listened to so many myths about the life at the premiere B Schools like the IIMs. Here is my chance to experience it. I hope to make this blog a running diary of the days I am going to spend there, sharing interesting tit-bits here with those interested to know it. So watch out guys & gals!